Give them another chance


Do you know that your relationship with God depends far more than you think upon your adjustment to other people? Many people say that they want to go it all alone because they have been hurt too many times in the past. We fail to realize that before a relationship comes to stay, it must have gone through thick and thin. Ask any successful, happy married couple and they will tell you how many difficult situations, trials and temptations they passed through in order to come to a new level in life. Many have rejected their prospective helpers because of their inability to see beyond the situation at hand. If you reject someone on account of their weakness, you also reject their strength because someone who is a thorn in your flesh today may be your helper tomorrow. If God had given up on you when you disobeyed Him, when you ignored Him, when you rejected Him, you would not be here today. Give your brother and sister another chance because God has given you another chance. Don’t reject anyone on account of today because tomorrow is mystery (Ecclesiastes 4:11-12).


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