Monthly Archives: November 2014

You can’t make a man love, want or need you.

You can’t make a man love, want or need you. You can’t make the same man look at you if he doesn’t want to. You cannot expect respect from a man who does not respect himself. You cannot plan the future with a man in mind who only thinks about today and remembers your past and forgets his. You can’t put fire in the eyes of a man who pays no attention to you. You can’t arouse awe in a man who was never taken by you when you were or are at your most plain, simple and natural.

Don’t ever make the mistake of loving a selfish man. The one who has you below his priorities, the one who has you as just another option. The one who acts like romance and chivalry are overated. Don’t spare not one tear, not one moment of your life, for a man who will drop you like a bad habit any chance he gets because around him there are more important things than being with you. Do not try to create cherisheable memories with a man who thinks that saying ‘I love you’ communicates all of their feelings and shows how much you mean to him.

A man who waits for you to do more than your 50%, waits for you to cross your half way boundary to meet him at his point zero, is a man not worth your time, emotions or energy.